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About us

     PO Alayns Ltd.  has more than 15 years’ experience  of  services within the field of foreign economic activity (EXPORT-IMPORT) where  our company  acts  as the  contract holder. Our company signs the contracts with the Russian companies, purchases the Goods from them on prepayment basis, and delivers the Goods to our Clients worldwide and to our Clients from the Eurasian Economic Union with the VAT rate – 0 per cent.  At the same time our company provides all necessary documents for successful delivery of the Goods by all ways of transportation on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Our company is a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has the corresponding international Certificate.

Our clients – the Russian and foreign companies who need our legal services of import/export freights by the most optimum way and without own extra expenses. We completely undertake the current work on import/export with all risks and responsibility, keeping for the client the right to control the process from the very beginning till the end of delivery.

We guarantee the execution of the undertaken obligations on the organization of foreign economic activity. We ensure harmonious and effective functioning of our experts in the field of Customs clearance and also the effective solution of the tasks set for us. Represented by our company, you will find the reliable business partner ready for the long-term and effective cooperation.

Our Services

     Our staff is always ready to cooperate, we are glad to consider your requests and to find an optimal variant of the solution of unusual situations. Individual approach to Client. We are ready to bring to your attention the following complex services: 

  • Export  of the Goods with VAT rate 0 per cent
  • Import of the Goods  with customs clearance 

 Search of the Goods according to the customer request

 Conclusion of the international contract

 Definition of HS code

 Formation of invoices with the VAT of 0 per cent

 Customs clearance of the Goods which are subject to declaring

 Shipment from any city of Russia to the country of destination

 Consolidation of the Goods and their storage, loading/unloading in Omsk and Krasnodar cities

Tracing of the Goods transfer

 Issue of shipping documents (CMR, ST-1, etc.)

 Issue of veterinary certificate, phytosanitary certificate, grain certificates

 Registration of PTS/PSM in Customs

  • Monitoring and analysis of the prices in Russia                                                               


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     If the client from abroad is ready to purchase your Goods, but you have no opportunity to directly sell your Goods abroad, we are ready to export your Goods abroad through  our company. For you - it is a routine   purchase and sale procedure within Russian territory and between Russian companies. We undertake all duties and risks connected to export activity. Our qualified staff, in short time and with the observance of all Customs requirements, will deliver Goods to the buyer worldwide.

Thus, you will be able to increase the sales abroad, without unnecessary efforts and problems connected with export.


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Goods to export
Food products and agricultural raw materials
Construction materials. Nonfoods. Equipment
Metals, products from metal, cast iron, steel, chemical goods. Fuel
Our contacts
PO Alayns Ltd. Headquarter office
#29 office, #1 bldg, Shevtsova St., Krasnodar city, 350073, Russia
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PO Alayns Ltd Omsk city Branch
#1 office, 114 bldg, Omskaya St., 644070, Russia
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